Knot Spots: September 29, 2017

In the category of What Will They Think of Next, how about carry-on luggage that carries you? When I spotted the ad for this, I thought it was a joke. But no, there’s a real website touting what appears to be a real product, complete with endorsements from cool, hip-looking folks who, in the slick promo photos, are doing their best to ignore the fact that no matter how cool and hip they are, they look completely silly sitting on a little suitcase.

In the online manual under Key Safety Points, I see this caution: “Do not modify the Modobag.” But how long before speed freaks and the compulsively competitive begin tweaking the factory model so they can reach the security line-up asap? On the page titled Riding Etiquette, there’s this: “When riding with other Modobag riders…do not ride side-by-side.” Yeah, right. How are owners going to test the mettle of their dragsters if they don’t race side by side? One can just imagine the rush-hour traffic jams and inevitable collisions. Soon, these will come equipped with airbags and, more importantly, horns.

Can’t wait to spot one of these in real life.


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  1. Kids get to ride a version of these, less some of the bells and whistles. The suitcases are usually shaped like little animals. I think it’s to help keep them amused while enduring various airport lines and waiting rooms. So why not offer the same to adults? I notice that the modo bags are estimated to weigh 20 lbs, before you pack anything. “Estimated” because they are still working on the design. And I was so looking forward to seeing herds of adults cruising by at 5 miles an hour. Top indoor speed.

    • Interesting–I didn’t notice the bit about the pre-pack weight of the thing. An important consideration for me, since I tend to stuff my carry-on with everything heavy so that my checked bag will pass the scale test. With a base weight of 20 lb plus my books, tripod, gold bricks etc, I’d have a hard time hoisting this into the overhead bin. And I have had one airline actually weigh my carry-on. So be warned. Thank you, Allison.

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