Knot Spots: Ruby Chocolate

Spotted: Website of Barry Callebaut chocolate company

It’s obviously time for this dedicated traveller-journalist to return to Ecuador for an on-the-spot, in-the-field report on a breaking story of massive international importance: a new type of chocolate has been developed.

This is not just a flavoured, coloured chocolate derivative. Apparently, the rosy confection actually originates with a new type of cocoa bean, which, from the photos, is also pretty in pink.

According to the Callebaut website: “Ruby offers an intense sensorial delight, a totally new taste experience: neither bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness….Ruby chocolate contains no berries, berry flavor or colorings.”

The special beans are currently being grown in Ivory Coast, Brazil, and Ecuador. Sounds like a good excuse for a trip.

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  1. Just back from Ecuador. it is true!

  2. I’m waiting for someone to cross a lemon with a chocolate bean to produce a chocolemon or a lemochock. I’d cross oceans and deserts for such a flavour sensation!

    • Good idea, Barry. I have the feeling that there are probably platoons of food scientists out there right now, trying to create cocoa beans with lashings of mint, sea salt, bacon, garlic, and other popular flavour combinations. So why not lemon?

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