A is for Apsaras

The following is a whimsical summary of my recent trip to Thailand and Cambodia, in the form of rhyming couplets and photos. Any groans elicited at improbable rhymes or tortured scansion are purely intentional.

A is for apsaras carved in the rock








B for buffet where we ate lots of choc







C is for clown fish we saw in the sea







D is for dog, her name is Mutley








E is for eagle with imperial eye








F is for food we loved, especially Pad Thai!







G is for guards (we saw quite a few)







H is hotel rooms with fabulous views








I is for idols in black and white stripes








J is for journeys on boats of all types







K is for kohn dancers covered with jewels









L is for lounge chairs close by the pool








M is the mist on Cambodian fields







N is for nightfall with sunset revealed







O is for owls with gazes serene








P is for pitta—the first one we’ve seen!








Q is for quiet walks down on the beach







R is for tree roots that ancient walls breach








S is for stupas, gleaming and gold








T is for temples with faces so old








U is for up, where we see hornbills pass







V is for village with walls made of grass







W for waters with colour sublime







X is xpensive but worth every dime







Y is for yawning in elephant style







Zzzz is for sleeping while earning air miles


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  1. Clever rhyming, great photos, nicely done!

    • Thank you, Barry. It arose from a game I used to play with my son when travelling or when trying to fall asleep at night. We would choose a category (like things we’d seen on our trip, e.g.) and then go through the alphabet, trying to come up with something for each letter. It was a good way of reviewing memories of the trip and sharing those memories. Not sure where the rhyming couplets came from; perhaps from a friend’s daily Facebook posting of one of her own photos along with a related haiku poem she writes each day.

  2. Very nice photos, I’ve been many times and have never seen some of those birds. I also liked your story told with rhymes,a nice added touch

    • Thank you, Blaine! We were lucky enough to link up with a wonderful birder, Ike, who maintains the phuketbirdwatching.com site. He knew exactly where to go to view some of the more elusive species.

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